ARK Dinosaur Dossiers

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One of the most interesting things drawing the attention of the survivors in this ARK Survival Evolved is Dinosaur! When you step into ARK universe, sooner or later, you will confront with various types of ancient dinosaurs from the herbivores to carnivores. To let you have a comprehensive view of types of dinosaurs, Dino Dossiers have been released to gather all various discrepant creatures that you might earn when killing or taming. Most of them can be domesticated, but it still has something different, you need to understand and know what and how much that animal needs to absorb for taming.

Dino Dossiers have been divided into three groups to introduce all the types of dinosaurs to the survivors. They are Released Dinosaur Dossiers, Boss Dossiers and Unreleased Dinosaur Dossiers. Besides, there are 6 popular dinosaurs that you can see in ARK, including Ankylosaurus, Pteranodon, Argentavis, Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaur, and Raptor.

Released Dinosaur Dossiers

There are so many types of dinosaurs that have been released recently in the ARK Survival Evolved game, from voracious dinosaurs that always eat meat or human beings to the gentle cute animals. You can check out all of them as shown below here:

Boss Dossiers

Recently, ARK World has been launched three types of Boss that you may confront while hunting. Broodmother Lysrix, Megapithecus, as well as the Dragon are finally here:

Unreleased Dinosaur Dossiers

Besides the released Dinosaurs, there are still various discrepant other dinosaurs that have not been introduced yet. Try to keep calm and stay tuned for them to be released!

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