ARK Survival Evolved: Spino Egg

ARK Survival Evolved: Spino Egg

- in Consumables
Spino Egg
ARK Survival Evolved: Spino Egg
Eat it to gain tremendous nourishment, or use it in recipes, or…
Type Egg
Food 55
Health 55
Stamina 55
Spoils in 8h
Weight 12.0
Stack size 100
Decomposes in 30m
Item ID 354
Used to craft Kibble (Spino Egg)

Continue to explore Dinosaur Egg in ARK Survival Evolved game! Spino Eggs are the type of consumable food dropped by a creature named Spinos. You can use these eggs to eat when you feel hungry, or these eggs can be used to create Kibble (Spino Egg) for domesticating Megalodons.

The eggs won’t hatch while it is in development. Please note this thing!

If you collect the Spino Egg when you are around wild Spino, these creatures can change into belligerent creatures, and they might assault the player suddenly.

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