ARK Survival of the Fittest: Tournament #1 Retrospective! Page 2

ARK Survival of the Fittest: Tournament #1 Retrospective! Page 2

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Tournament #1 Retrospective! Page 2

Here we go, survivors!

Continue to explore ARK Survival of the Fittest: Tournament part 2 right now! There will be other interesting things awaiting you ahead! We are pleased to inform you!

Unluckily, our players were not bloodthirsty and avaricious like we had expected, this could be because this was their initial time in the mode, and being careful was all you could do, right? But we have got Twitch chat and they’re kinda fond of their mayhems and for this, they will love this mode. Because of the Evolutionary Events, the pace of the game can change immediately, which makes the players be crushed, the allies dispersed, mind set squeezed and or right out killed!

ARK Survival of the Fittest: Tournament #1 Retrospective! Page 2

When the event almost comes to an end, the dome went on shrinking smaller and smaller at every single moment. The players seem to start forming alliances, this is normal in survival games, the key is to survive, but the dangers still involve in forming allies. Firstly, you need to risk somebody of being a traitor, you will never know when they take their pike and begin stabbing you. When you are done with that possible problem, you must be careful with the events. One of the bigger allies forming near the end of the game mode had an unlucky run in with a Carnivore drop. The evolutionary event will drop random carnivores from the sky like a rain and the number of those dinosaurs will correspond to the number of people nearby.

Below here is how the 6 faired:

Gamemaker versus Players. []

A big ally might rescue you from a survivor or two:

At the last minutes of the tournament, the remaining ally would fight it out with the 3 groups left. Fan favourites and underdogs Lirik and Echo joined the fight with their allied T-Rex and Carnoraur, unluckily, they hat to put up with lots of destructions from the former engagements and because of the lack of resources in the zone-starved event, they were fast to fall. The pair and the pet Dinosaur of them are kind of magnificent!

Entak and Anthony used a discrepant strategy! Killing your rivals is not only relating to survival, even if you do for fun! These players made proficient use of their lack of dinosaurs and traps to cover within the spawn pad awaiting the perfect time to assault. Unluckily, they were dispatched fast, but Anthony Kongphan can defeat #TEAM POLOPHIN’s Spinosaurus and Triceratops during the battle by using the well-placed Nacro-tripwire traps. This will cause a direct offensive maneuver from Royalph, much to #TEAM POLOPHIN’s great delight and Royalph’s alarm sec, the Trike can wake up and rescue a day securing the last kill on the remaining member of Royalph!

Here’s how the game finished:

Third Place goes to the Ninja Keeeedz

The brave endeavor from the pair. They will receive $5,000 and an awesome gear from Gunnar and Logitech.

Second Place goes to Royalph

Congratulate, ESGame [a.k.a PartiallyRoyal] and PedroSaltana! they will receive $10, 000 and an awesome gear from Gunnar and Logitech

First Place goes to #TEAM POLOPHIN

Congratulations to Apolloz and DarkDolphin for the winning! Their big Dinosaur troop proved to be impossible to prevent and with the assistance of their daunting “TRIKE – LVL 66”, they will receive with $20,000 and a cool gear from Gunnar and Logitech!

ARK Survival of the Fittest: Tournament #1 Retrospective! Page 2 ARK Survival of the Fittest: Tournament #1 Retrospective! Page 2

The Survivors

We were so thankful to all the survivors engaging in and tuning in during the event. There were so much laughter going through the interaction and awesome gameplay. As a thankful gift, we will give each of you customized ARK shirts, specifying your vitals illustrated in the poster and other unique rewards that we created for each competitor.
We are very thankful for your assistance in exposing the new mod and examining it out in the crucible of live broadcasting, all the help and the feedback that you guys gave during the event.

For the ARK playerbase, you will get your hands on Survival of the Fittest on the 13th of August

We are getting ready for the SotF as a new form of mod named “Total Conversion” permitting the mod-makers to overwrite each file of the game without needing to subclass. This is an awesome powerful feature that the mod makers can form the whole new games if they wish. You can use the Mods on the top of Total Conversions, for instance, someone can create a mod for “ARK: Survival of the Fittest”, or package again the Survival of the Fittest as a discrepant Total Conversions, because the full content source for SotF will be provided as well!
We are looking forward to the big August 13 release, keep calm and stay tuned for it! On that date, besides launching SotF, source content of it, the Dev Kit support for Total Conversions, we are going to inform an awesome new Modding initiative with some partners as well.

View ARK Survival of the Fittest: Tournament #1 Retrospective! Page 1 at here.

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