ARK Survival of the Fittest: Tournament #1 Retrospective! Page 1

ARK Survival of the Fittest: Tournament #1 Retrospective! Page 1

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Tournament #1 Retrospective! Page 1

Welcome to ARK Survival Evolved game!

Tournament #1 Retrospective! Page 1
Tournament #1 Retrospective! Page 1

Are you ready for the ARK Survival of the Fittest tournament 1? Before starting, we are pleased to deliver you guys and a warning that this article is filled with spoilers regarding this hot event! The ARK Digest inquiries will be postponed until Wednesday, the whole digest will be dedicated to giving you the answers for all the questions.
For the people who haven’t seen the VOD, let’s check it out at here:

Survival of the Fittest VOD! []

Have a nice weekend, guys! The Survival of the Fittest will live during 4.5 hours on Saturday, August 1st

ARK Survival of the Fittest: 20% Discount
ARK Survival of the Fittest: 20% Discount

This was such a great event! We did it successfully! All the social networks like twitch streamers, twitter, the forums, facebook, reddit, and even players were blown up. The event is very simple and understandable; you will be put in a random team ans are beamed onto the ARK world in which you must fight for your lives for the next 5 hours. There were so many changes made to this game mode, such as the special interaction from buddies over at Twitch chat, the freak weather changes, mage crates and more.

Firstly, we will give you another shout-out to the winners of the events and the competitors for delivering the excellent play. No much details regarding the event are given until the night before, and it was a formidable experience, there are thousands of people observing you battle in the game mode in which you have no clue what to expect. We will present the winners now!

The Event

The event was very fascinating! Sl1pg8r took an arrow to the face and died immediately during 35 seconds of play. This is a new record set in the mode; no one got doomed effortlessly like this. Congratulate Sl1pg8r!


The survivors were falling like just the flies from the starting, the main killer of the murders seems to originate in SniperNamed who would encounter the gathers noticing the surroundings, as a consequence, it’s a free kill and free XP.

Before the event, the competitors will receive a documents showing the changes made to the game mode, such as hints regarding how we had advised them to play. This mode is discrepant from standard ARK, changes are so much here! The core gameplay is mostly concentrated on PvP and fast-taming to get those giant Dinosaurs fights. The Evolutionary events were also introduced, this thing will be manipulated by Twitch Chat and the Game Master utilized to assist dictate the flow of the game by making odd events, like raining carnivores, giant fog, the skill for tracking other players, and more.

The competitors were totally surprising, so many expectations that we had because of the amount of experience that those players had while playing the game. We are so surprised when Lirik and Echo could tame T-Rex while others were left drowning in a pool filled with Piranhas.


As the event was progressed, there were so many players starting to create and implement their gameplay, there were lots of tactics that were been exposed. Some groups of people took the covers of the jungles to kill and tame dinosaurs while the tribe of Kimbo Slice entered the cave to start their training. This was an extremely risky strategy. They would be secured from a fair number of the evolutionary events, but these caves are twice as difficult and less –awarding than the typical ones!


Shroomz lost his collaborator kinda early; it means that his partner just holds the Sl1pg8r title at present, but this didn’t stop him. He was an early adopter of these changes that were made to PvP and Dinosaur taming, he could pick up a carnivore dinosaur as an alliance when roaming the map killing beast. Wow, this is the magnificent stuff! Unluckily, his buddy passed while he was kiting a T-Rex from the top of a cliff.


Mega Supply crate is an awesome part of the game. The crate is stacked to the top filled with goodies; you will gain a big advantage if you get some of those. It’s kinda difficult when the descent is slower a lot, as you saw in the livestreams. Besides, it is too weighty to take everything.a139-1308-7

When the clock struck TWO, the Game Master released the Mega Supply crate and boy oh boy is this exciting part of the game! That crate is stacked to the top full of goodies, and if you can get a hold of some of those, you’ll gain such a massive advantage. Of course it’s a bit tricky as the descent is a lot slower, and its location on the map is extremely obvious, so it’s likely to attract other players, as you guys saw in the livestreams. Plus it’s too heavy to take everything, so you’ll need to think quickly. Otherwise you’ll find yourself encumbered and an easy target for scavengers!

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